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Kitchen color trends in 2018


The two main schools of thought regarding kitchen colors will stay the same in 2018: the natural, neutral tones and the bold, strong colors won’t necessarily be in competition with one another. Instead, they can harmoniously be part of the same design, beautifully collaborating to create the perfect environment for you or your family.


However, not all colors and created equal, and 2018 certainly has some favorites from the two families.

After years and years where white, elegant kitchens were the staple when it comes to neutral tones, this year, we have something very different installed. We’re looking at a return towards more natural tones, like oak, petrol-green and charcoal. Every tint is getting a little darker, a bit more resistant and adding a touch of rebelliousness to a kitchen. hbu-black-kitchen-1511215261

Couple these dark tones with metallic or other warm, natural accents like clay or copper, and you’ve got yourself a modern ensemble worthy of a magazine cover.

At the other end of the spectrum, strongly-colored kitchen designs will never really go away. The only thing that will change over time is the dominant color of the room. We’ve moved away from the basic colors like red and yellow, and more towards more vibrant, but also more unique tones.

Deep blues, saffron yellows or even dark reds are seen all over the place in 2018, leaving at least one trend intact: every kitchen must have at least one dark-colored component, whether it’s the main one or just an accent.

All in all, we can’t say we have many other surprises when it comes to kitchen color trends this year. Earthy tones are still here, as well as traditional and modern materials being present all over the place. The entire room, however, went one step lower on the light scale, with colors being toned down and pushed towards their darker cousins a little more.


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