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Quartz- luxury and uniqueness


Quartz is most certainly a material which is on everyone’s mind when it comes to kitchen and household projects – but more often than not, its main usage is in kitchen countertops. Are there more uses to this great material around one’s home, or is it a modern one-trick pony?


Nowadays, quartz has a handful of other uses around the house.


It’s mainly used because it’s a very durable material, which is still fairly easy to install and handle and has a lot of unique patterns which look wonderful both in practical and decorative uses. If you need some ideas, here are places in which you can use quartz:

  • Furniture units/accents. Quartz can be used as a touch of luxury and uniqueness for things like TV stands or fireplaces. For extra points, you can have a piece of furniture made entirely out of quartz – for a truly special look.


  • Bathroom surrounds. While quartz is already used in bathroom vanities, it can be upgraded to bathroom surrounds as well. The larger panel sizes mean a near seamless look can be achieved with almost no grout lines, also making quartz easier to clean and care for in the bathroom.


  • If you have some leftover quartz pieces after building your countertops, these can be used to create a few shelves around the kitchen. Not only will they look great with the countertop, they will also be very sturdy and easy to clean.


  • Quartz Window sills. Resistant, easy to clean and almost impossible to scratch, no matter what you place there.


What more can you want? 🙂

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