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Granite is still one of the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen and bath countertops projects. Granite is considered a counstruction material which is both practical and a safe investment (due to the equity added to your home). It has passed the test of time by never getting old or out of fashion.

Given the life lasting durability of granite, cost becomes unimportant for those in search of ageless beauty. Granite countertops are stain, scratch, heat and chemical resistant, being among the hardest countertop materials available. Granite is safe, easy to clean and resistant to bacterial growth due to its low porosity. Make your home environmental and health friendly by chosing granite countertops.
(i) Should I seal my countertops?

We`re proudly introducing our exotic granite countertop collection! You can find here granite slabs that are marvelous pieces of art. Due to their veining, rocky patterns and uniqueness these grani...

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The premium granite countertop collection is defined by details. You can find here granite slabs that will mesmerize you with their elegant graphics and crystalline structure, bringing you in some ...

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Nature has a beautiful way of mixing colors and textures, that`s why we love to call it the ultimate designer! Our standard granite countertop collection has its roots in a magnificent process: the...

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