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Quartz Slabs for Most Amazing Kitchen Countertops


Did you know that quartz is a man-made stone? That’s an amazing fact which doesn’t necessarily mean that quarts quartz is 100% synthetic. Quartz is actually a natural mineral. The quartz is ground up and the mixture is pressed into slabs, which can be colored to generate a look that is not present in nature. However, it’s design is unique and amazingly elegant; perfect for a modern or traditional kitchen.

Choose your quartz countertop brand wisely:
Quartz countertops come in all shapes, sizes, designs and patterns. We provide a wide array of choices for our clients, from the best manufacturers from around the world.

Caesarstone quartz collection is a classic for your kitchen! We are proud to manufacture and feature their products in our showroom. The company was founded in 1987 and because of it`s highly profe...

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Corian® Quartz brings the best of nature to your design. Corian® Quartz is for the architects, designers, and homeowners who want natural aesthetics without the maintenance.
Corian® Quartz...

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How can you define your lifestyle? Until you find an answer to this question, we`ll tell you what defines the Difiniti quartz slabs: depth and style. If you`re looking for powerful colors and yet d...

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The ENVI™ Surfaces collections bring together the world’s most on-trend looks in
QUARTZ. ENVI™ Surfaces are better by design — because that’s what it takes to be called ENVI...

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Lava-Ice, Palermo, Olive-Rust. Curious about the name of these quartz countertops? Well, all you need to know about the LG Viatera quartz tops is that they are designed to generate new life experie...

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What if you could get yourself a slice of a mountain and put it in your own apartment? Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse. Well now you can do that, by purchasing a quartz countertop Mont ...

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Q Premium Natural Quartz is the latest premium quartz brand from MSI. The core value of this manufacturer is: ”Create enduring beauty to enhance contemporary elegance”. Sounds complicated, but ...

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Although Wilsonart has built their name around services like lamination, their new Engineer Surfaces division can easily compete with the best in the business. They benefit from great experience in...

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